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Apart from our strong presence in all the country through our own 43 offices and more than 400 offices of Producers identified with our brand, we offer a relation service with the client with ISO 9001 certification granted by Bureau Veritas Certification, which offers personalized and free attention the 24 hours a day in Medical Emergencies cases. If the worker calls to this line, he will receive the advice of professionals which are highly trained to act and offer the best assistance in critical moments.

  • 0800 4444 ART (278) available line the 24 hours, for the attention of medical emergencies. 


  • 0800 5555 ART (278), line for the attention of inquiries and advice in general.

Apart from our telephone lines, we added the possibility of contacting us ONLINE, through our exclusive chat service in:

We broaden the coverage option to the entire world, so that each employee will be protected even when he has to work outside the country. The provision is offered through Ibero Asistencia and you only have to call to:

  • 54-11-5300-8092

It will be coordinated the follow-up and the attention until the worker gets the definite discharge from hospital.