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Network of Professionals

We have a professionalized network of specialists in Hygiene and Security who is highly trained and equipped with comprehensive tools of management, of which goal is to evaluate working environments and to advise our clients for the development and implementation of preventive programs.

Program of health protection

From Occupational Health, we work to:

  • Generate healthy working environments through strategies adapted to the companies profiles, avoiding in this way the appearance of professional illnesses.
  • Improve the workers´ life quality through activities of health promotion.

According to the current legal regulation we carry out periodical medical controls to the staff which is exposed to risk agents. As a result, we have a network of specialized Medical Providers of national reach and Mobile Medical Unities specially conditioned with equipment and professionals which guarantee an excellent beneficial quality.

Self-management sites

They favor the permanent interaction between the Insurance Company and the companies, guaranteeing the agility and simplicity of managements:

  • Classroom Courses: Every year we implement a schedule of courses that are carried out in the different regions of the country under the workshop methodology with the participation of entities specialized in the different subject areas. From the web page, the companies can check the courses available in their cities and they can subscribe the employees.
  • Seminars: Training seminars on Road Accident Prevention in the Workplace, designed for the employees of affiliate companies and extending it to the community.
  • ?æ General Survey of Labor Risks: we place at the companies' disposal a tool which allows identifying the presence of risks and evaluating the security level and the fulfillment of the current regulation.

Prevention of road accidents in the working environment It is a program of road accident prevention oriented to the companies which have high incidence of road accidents, committed to protect the health of their workers. It includes different training stages and it presents the following characteristics: It is developed in the company framework, during a six-month period. Workshops are complemented with sensitization campaigns according to the most frequent mobility means and data surveys. They are established leaders in road security in order to promote secured and responsible behavior.

An space destined to the customer educational entities of art preventionIt is a project destined in order that the schools and teachers of the country have fundaments and tools in order to become multipliers agents of habits and secured behaviors, as well as that children learn the value of security in order to interact in the community in a responsible and supportive way.
We have training resources oriented to teachers and students

We have training resources oriented to teachers and students

Besides, children have their own space in www.preveninos.com, a web platform where they can learn playing, how to take care in the school, in the house and in the street.