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We offer the possibility of carrying out all the typical procedures of the labor risk insurance management through our Prevenet platform. It offers several advantages such as: the possibility of carrying out all the procedures in time and form, the on-line advice and the celerity of a tool exclusively thought for the needs of the company.

The most important managements the employer can do from the platform are the following:

  • Certificates of coverage.
  • Communication of upsizing and downsizing.
  • Reports of labor accidents.
  • Details of accidents.
  • Self-payment of wages reimbursement.
  • Notices of work.
  • Consult of current account.

This communication tool allows you to resolve quickly and promptly several managements related to the Labor Risks coverage option.

Through text messages, we inform the injured workers about the transfers, summonses, direct payments of Temporary Inability to Work (ILT) and payments of Permanent Inability to Work (ILP). We also communicate to the employer the payment of wages reimbursement, the entry of a telephonic report and the summonses made to their employees (Fix ILP and Medical Commission).