Household Workers

Household workers have the same rights than any other worker and now, with the new legislation, they have the opportunity of having a Labor Risk Coverage.

Prevención Labor Risk Insurance Company offers you the best alternative to protect your responsibility as an employer facing labor risks and providing an excellent quality coverage guaranteed by our characteristic career and leadership.

From the moment you take out our insurance, if any of your employees has an accident while working in your home or on the way from or to your private address, the benefits that the Labor Risks Law obliges to provide are left in our hands. Thus, the worker will receive appropriate healthcare and pharmacy assistance as well as immediate economic assistance in case his/her working abilities are affected.

Insurance benefits

Cash Benefits

  • Healthcare and pharmacy assistance
  • Temporary labor disability (days of absence from work salary)
  • Prothesis and Orthopedics
  • Permanent Labor disability compensation
  • Rehab and labor re-qualification
  • Accidental Death Compensation
  • Injured person transportation
  • Burial expenses

With Prevención Labor Risk Insurance Company, you´ll be not only providing your employee with the insurance demanded by the new legislation but also you´ll have the tranquility of having the leading Labor Risk Insurance Company in the country on your back.

Coverage Characteristics

This coverage is obligatory in all the cases, no matter the worker´s amount of working hours and as far as the contracting party is registered as employer of private houses and declares his/her employee/s. This obligation stems from the Law 26.844 passed in 2013, but was regulated-specifically related to this insurance-at the beginning of September 2014.

The regulation establishes a fix monthly cost for the fee, set up in relation to the amount of weekly hours worked by the employee. In this way, three categories are established:

  • Less than 12 weekly hours: $130 per month.
  • Between 12 and 16 weekly hours: $165 per month.
  • More than 16 weekly hours: $230 per month.
Preventive Advice

Prevención Labor Insurance Company offers information about the most frequent risks in household workers and consults you about the safety measures the employees can consider to preserve their health. Bear in mind that labor accidents and occupational diseases can be prevented.

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