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27 May 2014

Sancor Seguros: Proud Official Sponsor of Argentina National Team


In this World Cup Brazil 2014 we are proud to be Official Sponsor of Argentina National Team. This is very relevant for our Company, since in this way we closely support our Argentina Soccer Team.

31 Mar 2014

Our Foundation launched its Virtual Campus

As a Cooperative Group we are characterized by the permanent innovation that takes us to new challenges and to be at the forefront according to the happening changes. In this sense, we have launched the Virtual Campus “Fundación Grupo Sancor Seguros” (www.campusvirtualfundaciongss.com).

29 Mar 2014

We support the Earth Hour everywhere we are


On Saturday, March 29th at 8.30 p.m. the lights of our offices went off in supporting the Earth Hour. This campaign, which is fostered by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), fights for the Earth and its resources.

14 Mar 2014

Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia: 17 years celebrating along with Mendoza



In 2014, and for the ninth year in a row, we organized the Serenata de las Reinas (The Queens’ Serenade) together with Park Hyatt Hotel. This traditional celebration is part of the schedule of the Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia (National Grape Harvest Festival).

14 Mar 2014

Prevención Salud already has more than 1000 members all over the country



In the context of the launching and commercialization of Prevención Salud services, we inform you that our prepaid company has already exceeded 1000 members located in the whole country. In this sense, we have started the distribution of the corresponding credential, both for members and the Group directors.

07 Mar 2014

We launch a new edition of "Primero Prevención" program



As of March, and for the seventh consecutive year, Prevención Riesgos del Trabajo makes available, for its assured companies, the on-site course program “Primero Prevención” (Prevention First).

24 Jan 2014

We are the first company in Latin America to use the G4 Guidelines to create our Sustainability Report

Last year, our Group presented its 8th Sustainability Report 201/2013. Such report is created with the “G4 Guidelines” of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and its last version was published on May, 2013. This means an important step, going from a fulfillment approach to high lightening sustainability administration for companies and organizations that are accountable to its interest groups. In this sense, we were the first in adopting these guidelines in Latin America and one of the 29 companies of the world officially recognized by the GRI.

18 Dec 2013

We launched the Social, Corporate and Technological Innovation Center (CITES, in Spanish)


The date for the launching of CITES (Centro de Innovación Tecnológica, Empresarial y Social), was December, 18th. The event took place on our Corporate Building with the presence of important people form the political, scientific-technological, academic and corporate areas, as well as the media and Advisors and Directors of the Grupo Sancor Seguros.

20 Dec 2013

Change of address in our Business Office in Neuquén


As of December, 19th, our Business Office in Neuquén will start operating in its new address: Juan B. Justo 265. Contact numbers will still be same: (0299) 4428059 / 4475991 and the opening hours will be maintained:  Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

12 Dec 2013

We were awarded two Eikon awards for excellence in Institutional Communication


Last December 9th, it took place the 15th edition of the Eikon Awards. In that event, our Group was awarded the Golden Eikon, for the special edition of Martin Fierro (in the Cultural Sponsorship category) and the Silver Eikon for the Car Insurance Campaign: “Es fácil ser optimista cuando tenés Sancor Seguros” (in the Products Launch category). The ceremony counted on the presence of the Director of Institutional Affairs, Norberto Cipolatti; the Buenos Aires subsidiary Manager, Federico Torriglia; the Marketing Manager, Germán Gramaglia, among other company representatives.  

16 Dec 2013

Introducing new applications for mobile devices


In the context of the growing development of new technologies applied to business, we introduce two novelties related to mobile applications. In this respect, there is a mobile application already available exclusively for our sales department. And now customers have the ability to do more operations through the self-management site.  In this way, the accessing to POINT (broker´s portal) by our agents and to Mis Seguros Online platform by the policyholders will be possible through different devices such as smartphones, tablets and cell phones with web browsers.

05 Dec 2013

We launch Prevención Salud, the private healthcare company of our Group


With the slogan “el bienestar se elige” (“wellbeing is a choice”), arises Prevención Salud, a new challenge that our Group has decided to take. On December we started the presales period, while the beginning of the services is scheduled for March, 2014.

08 Nov 2013

Foundation: 2nd Meeting of School Cooperatives at Capital Federal Business Unit

Within the framework of the School Cooperatives Promotion Program carried out by our foundation throughout the country, the second meeting of School Cooperatives of Buenos aires Region took place.

01 Oct 2013

Our Corporate Building in Pink Conmemorating "Breast Cancer Awareness Month"

October has been globally defined as the breast cancer awareness month, thus, during that time of the year different actions are carried out around the prevention of this illness, which affects 1 out of 8 women.

20 Oct 2013

Successful Roads in Red Tour around Cuyo

From October 19th to 28th the Truck, which is part of Roads in Red Program, visited the Argentinian provinces of San Luis, Mendoza and San Juan. Under the message “Solidarity in Traffic saves lives, starting by yours”, the Truck offered the chance to make a driving skill test.

06 Nov 2013

Prestigio Seguros 10th Edition: Our Group's Companies Awarded for Being the Most Prestigious of the Decade

Since 2004, as every year, Prestigio Seguros Award has distinguished those insurance companies which are best-known in the market. In this context, on November 5th the 10th edition took place in Buenos Aires city, where Sancor Seguros and Prevención Riesgos del Trabajo were leaders in the ranking and got the most important recognition: the most prestigious insurers of the decade.

01 Dec 2013

America is beautiful, the new institutional campaign of Sancor Seguros

After “El idioma de las no palabras” (The no words language), we launch our new institutional campaign for the purpose of deepening the idea of expansion, and, in turn, highlighting the condition of “Americans”.

27 Nov 2013

An ICMIF ranking brings Sancor Seguros to the forefront on a global basis

In Cape Town, South Africa, the 2013 Conference of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) was carried out on during November 6th to 8th. In the event, they presented a report that compares the growth of insurance cooperatives/mutual members of ICMIF in relation to other insurance companies in the market. The report also included data related to the growth and number of obtained premiums, in this category Sancor Seguros has the first place among the ICMIF members coming from developing countries.

23 Oct 2013

Member of the UN Global Compact Board 2014-2016

On October 23rd the 4th Global Compact Argentinian Local Network Assembly took place. During the meeting our Group received a recognition for having achieved an Advanced Level COP. It was delivered by the Executive Director of the global initiative, Georg Kell to our President, Alfredo Panella.

30 Oct 2013

Important Agreement between CITES and CONICET

At the end of October, the President of our Technology, Business and Social Innovation Centre S.A. (CITES), Néstor Abatidaga, signed a collaboration framework agreement with the President of  the National Council of Scientific and Technical Researchers (CONICET), Roberto Salvarezza, which will allow the development of scientific and technological research.

02 Nov 2013

Our Group Awarded with "Muy Bien de Oro"

The great night of "Muy Bien 2013” was held on Saturday, November 2nd. In such opportunity, our Group got the maximum award for its actions within the Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

06 Nov 2013

Longer Opening Hours for our Telephone and Virtual Channels

Our quality customer care service is one of our strengths. Consequently, from November 5th we are extending the opening hours in the following channels:


02 Nov 2013

Present at the International Cooperative Alliance General Assembly

The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) carried out its General Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa from November 1st to 5th. Sancor Seguros, member of the maximum authority of the cooperative movement worldwide, participated in the event. Our representatives were our President, Alfredo Panella and the Institutional Affairs Director, Norberto Cipollatti.

06 Nov 2013

"Formador de Formadores" Program Closure in Córdoba

The Closure Ceremony of the new edition of Teaching Training Program for the Instruction of Road Safety at School took place on November 6th. It was attended by teachers from Bell Ville, Justiniano Posse, Laborde y Monte Buey.

17 Nov 2013

Launching "Prevención Salud", our private healthcare company

On November 11th and 18th, Prevención Salud was launched in Capital Federal and Sunchales respectively, in two events that gathered Advisors and Authorities of our Group and Prevención Salud, Government Officials, Insurance Broker-Advisors, medical providers, special guests and the media.

18 Nov 2013

Our Group was recognized as a Sustainability Leader in Argentina

On its 95th Anniversary, the American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (AmCham) recognized those companies that have oriented their business model towards sustainability and generate innovative practices. During the event, held on Monday, November, 18th in Capital Federal, we were ranked Number one among 10 sustainability leading companies in Argentina.

01 Sep 2013

The Technological, Business, and Social Innovation Centre Presented its Webpage www.cites-gss.com.

The launch of this website means a step forward to further inform about this technological centre.

02 Oct 2013

Our Sustainability Report 2012 - 2013

At the 67th Ordinary General Assembly of Sancor Seguros, we presented the new Sustainability Report explaining our economic, social and environmental performance during the 2012/2013  Corporate Social Responsibility period.

06 Nov 2013

Participation in ICMIF Biennal Conference 2013

From November 6th to 8th ICMIF Biennal Conference took place in Cape Town, South Africa. The week about cooperatives had started with the Global Conference and ICA’s General Assembly, which were attended by thousands of cooperatives and mutuals around the world. The Biennal Conference was attended by the President of our Group, Alfredo Panella, and the Institutional Affairs Director, Norberto Cipollatti.

28 Oct 2013

Information for Policy Holders and General Public

We hereby notify that Sancor Seguros Group, and/or the companies that make up the Group, have not carried out any type of raffle whose prize consists in a car or its insurance coverage. All current promotions and contests are officially published on www.gruposancorseguros.com web page, or on our Facebook Fan Page.

28 Sep 2013

Authority Renewal at the Group´s Companies for 2013/2014 Economic Year

On Saturday, 28th September the 67th Ordinary General Assembly of Sancor Cooperativa de Seguros Ltda took place. During the event, which was attended by Delegates on behalf of the Associates throughout the country, all the planned issues were approved. Furthermore, as every year after the economic year closure, the Board of Directors was renewed partially for the 2013/2014 period. It is important to mention that on the previous days there took place the Assemblies and authority renewal of Prevención ART S.A., Alianza Inversora S.A., Fundación Grupo Sancor Seguros, and Prevención Salud S.A..

19 May 2013

Jointly with Leo Messi Foundation we have made medical check-ups to children and young people in Rosario

As part of our social commitment, we continue working with Leo Messi Foundation in order to help it achieve its goal of guarranteing children and teenager´s growth. In our role of the Foundation’s Social Partner, we have offered the service of a Movable Medical Unit for different medical studies to be carried out on the over 200 children of the Foundation. Furthermore, it is a fact to remember that the Foundation football team members have a Personal Accident coverage with our company.

07 Jan 2013

Fan Page of Sancor Seguros at Facebook

On January 7th we opened our official Fan Page at Facebook. Through it, you can learn about the company history, phone number contacts, and our services. Besides, we publish posts about the insurance business every day.

06 Jan 2013

Sponsors of Beach Polo 2013 on the Argentinian Coast

On January 2nd, 4th, and 6th in Pinamar and Cariló the “Grand Slam Sancor Seguros Beach Polo 2013” took place. The polo tournament on the sand, which has been held for 19 years, was attended by over 12,000 spectators.


06 Jan 2013

Together with Kids in Garrahan Hospital on Three Kings Day

In a solidarity action, last Three Kings day we visited children in Hospital de Pediatría Dr. Juan Garrahan jointly with Grupo Módena in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, in order to give them gifts and share a nice moment with them.

01 Jan 2013

Our Brand-New Product: Coverage Against Lack or Excess of Rain for Dairy Farms

Within our commitment to constant innovation to keep up with the lastest trends in the insurance market, we have launched the first coverage which protects the dairy farmer's yield against lost production as a consequence of lack or excess of rain.

12 Dec 2012

Sponsors at Homage to Manuel Fangio

Panamericano Hotels & Resort in Buenos Aires, together with Fangio Foundation organized a free of charge exhibition in honour to one of the best racing drivers in the Argentinian history of car racing. Our Group supported this homage that took place from December 3rd to 14th at the facilities of the above mentioned hotel.

12 Dec 2012

Conference for Farmers Supported by Dupont

Within the agreement reached with Dupont, we have been in different cities of the country giving a conference for Farmers about our products and benefits that help enhance their production.

06 Dec 2012

Once Again Sponsors of Peugeot Cup

With the presence of six of the most important protagonists of the ATP World Tour, Peugeot Cup took place at Lawn Tenis from December 6th to 12th. During this edition, we participated as one of the main sponsors of the event.

06 Dec 2012

Verano Max Pack Launch

As vacations are coming soon, and our aim is to market the Family Product at this time of the year, we have launched a new commercial item called “Verano Max Pack”.

05 Dec 2012

Road Safety Awareness Talks Continue Throughout Argentina

Under the National Program of Traffic Accident Prevention "Roads in Red", different talks have been held in Rosario and its region. Each talk highlighted the work shared along the whole value chain, including Agents, public institutions, governmental organisms, and representatives of our Group.

05 Dec 2012

Our Support to 2012 Edition of Crash Test Awards Granted by CESVI

In its sixth running year, CESVI Argentina awarded those car makers that had made the effort to protect the integrity of car occupants. The event that recognizes the safest cars of the year took place on December 5th, where our Group was present to support the initiative as a member of such entity.

02 Dec 2012

Sponsors of a Marathon in Santa Fe

Last Sunday 2nd of December the 6th Edition of Red Sport Marathon took place. During the event, with over 3,000 runners, and a crowd of spectators, we were the unique sponsor insurer.

30 Nov 2012

Promotion in Santa Fe

Within the 2012 F1 Power Boat Championship -  the most important powerboat racing category in our country – which took place in Santa Fe last Sunday 2nd of December, on 30th of November we developed promotion activities previous to the event in front of our Branch in that city.

24 Nov 2012

Sponsors of 78th Litoral Golf Open

From November 24th to December 2nd in Rosario the 78th Litoral Golf Open took place. During the tournament, whose title sponsor is the Argentinian Golf Association, we participated also like sponsors and through important advertising activities.

19 Nov 2012

Awarded with RSC Distinction in Company Category

Last November 19th the ceremony of the 9th edition of RSC Distinctions took place, in which we were awarded for our program: Road Safety Theme Park. During the event, which was at Capital Federal Rural, our representatives were our Board Member Carlos Ingaramo and the branch Manager Federico Torriglia, together with team members in charge of the program.  

15 Nov 2012

Sponsors at III MERCOSUR Dentistry Congress

From November 15th to 17th the III MERCOSUR Dentistry Congress took place in Rosario, where we were the only Insurer present through a stand, apart from being one of the exclusive sponsors of the event.

14 Nov 2012

Participation in the 20th ICMIF Américas Annual Conference

From 14th to 16th of November at NH City and Tower Hotel in Buenos Aires the 20th  ICMIF Américas Annual Conference took place. Such event was attended by Sancor Seguros President, Alfredo Panella; Capital Federal Board Members, Carlos Ingaramo and Oscar Bergese; our CEO, Néstor Abatidaga, and Sancor Seguros General Manager, Raúl Bessone, together with other officials of the Group. Furthermore, we participated as sponsors in this event whose central topic was “A New Era for Cooperative and Mutual Insurance”

14 Nov 2012

Our Group Awarded with Good Corporate Citizenship Award by AmCham Argentina

On the 14th edition of the Good Corporate Citizen Award granted by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), our Group achieved the ninth place, being the unique Insurance Company awarded under Sustainability Oriented Management.

13 Nov 2012

Mercurio Award 2012 - First Place in Insurance, Silver Award in the General Category

Last November 13th, the 30th edition of Mercurio Award took place, where we got the first place in "Insurance: Large Companies" category, and the silver award in "Large Companies".

08 Nov 2012

Our Group: Top Sponsor at the Regional Insurance Congress

Within a new scenario for the insurance industry, Insurance 100% Program organized the Regional Insurance Congress - a new congress that reaches the interior of the country. In this opportunity, the site chosen was Santa Fe city, and our Group was present as Top Sponsor, and through the presentation about the Worker's  Compensation Reform Act.

28 Oct 2012

Supporting Lomas de Zamora Marathon 5th Edition

On Sunday 28th of October our Group sponsored Lomas Solidarity Model Marathon, in its fifth running edition with the aim of raising the population’s wish to help a certain public welfare institution.

24 Oct 2012

Invited to IV International CSR Congress "Companies that Add Value. Between Commitment and Performance"

On October 24th and 25th, the IV International CSR Congress took place in Asunción, Paraguay, organized by ADEC (Christian Business Association), UNIAPAC and Empresa Forum Member.  Its central topic was “Companies that Add Value. Between Commitment and Performance” Our Group was present at the panel: “Why to dialog with stakeholders?”

07 Nov 2012

Risk Management Conference for Insurance Agents

Last 7th of November at NH City Hotel in Buenos Aires the IV Update Conference for Professionals: Risk Management for Insurance Agents was held. In such opportunity, we had been invited to participate due to our wide experience in implemented actions into our sales channel in order to achieve portfolio diversification. The speaker this time was Gustavo Giubergia, Property Insurance Manager.

08 Nov 2012

Capital Federal Labor Medical Centre Moves Building

With our characterised commitment to be at the forefront of the market through our services and benefits for client companies and policy holders, on 8th November we moved the present Labor Medical Centre (CML) in Capital Federal in 254 Callao Street to a new building in 406 Forest Avenue. The new telephone numbers will be: Tel.: 011 – 4551 4500 | Fax.: 011 – 4551 4600.

01 Nov 2012

New Commercial Office in Córdoba

In order to satisfy the market needs, and to continue our development, we are reinforcing our presence throughout the country by renewing and opening new offices.


31 Oct 2012

Our Group Companies Awarded with Six 2012 Prestigio and Conciencia Seguros Prizes

Every year, Prestigio Seguros Prizes are granted to the most recognized insurers in the market. This year, it took place on 31st October in Buenos Aires city, where the prizes of the 2012 edition were delivered.




27 Oct 2012

Journalists Visited our Theme Park

Last October 27th, journalists from Sunchales and the sorroundings had the opportunity to visit our Road Safety Theme Park. After two years attended by students and families, last Saturday a group of journalists was invited to share the day at the park’s facilities.

18 Oct 2012

Attending a Forum under "Santa Fe Sustentable" Programme

Last 18th October there was a meeting with experience exchange among the companies which carry out Corporate Social Responsibility practices. It took place in Santa Fe stock market under “Sustainable Santa Fe" Programme.

25 Oct 2012

"My First Licence" Got to Rafaela

Alter the experience developed in Sunchales, Villa Trinidad, and Arrufó last 25th October this Training Course was given in Rafaela, aimed at the youngsters who are about to get their first driving licence.

25 Oct 2012

Sancor Seguros Cup - Tortugas Tournament

On October 25th Polo Tortugas Tournament finished. During the matches that took place in Tortugas and Palermo, our Group was the Gold Sponsor. The first match was on Sunday 14th October,  where our team, Alegría Sancor Seguros, participated.

24 Oct 2012

First Places of 2012 Conciencia Seguros Prize for Programmes of Our Group

On 24th October 2012, after a series of presentations, the three first places of Conciencia Seguros Prize were determined. The allocation of the prize was done by a multisector jury with different points of view of the social, economic, and communicational contributions made by the insurers throughout the country. The research works presented by our Group were “Future Worker’s Prevention”, which got the first place, and “Roads in Red” that achieved the second position.


18 Oct 2012

Sponsors at the 19th Nacional Congress for Economy Professionals

From 17th –o 19th October in Mendoza the 19th National Congress for Economy Professionals took place. During the event organized by the Argentinian Federation of Professional Councils of Economic Science we were one of the principal sponsors. Furthermore, the President of our Group, Alfredo Panella, attended the Congress.

14 Oct 2012

Newly Casa FOA Official Sponsor

Since last Friday 7th September to Sunday 14th October the well-known national exhibition of architecture, industry, interior design and landscaping called Casa FOA was carried out. We were the official event insurer and one of the official sponsors. 

11 Oct 2012

Presentation by the Economist Miguel Kiguel in Comodoro Rivadavia

On October 11th, the economist Miguel Kiguel made a presentation at an event organized by our Group. It took place at Wam Hotel Patagónico in Comodoro Rivadavia.

09 Oct 2012

Our Office in Pilar with New Address

On 9th of October our comercial office in Pilar started operating in 345  Las Piedras Street. As regards the telephone contact, this is 0230 – 437 5600, thus replacing the previous lines.

09 Oct 2012

Our Sustainable Operations Expand in Paraguay

Several meetings took place in the neighbouring country with the objective of promoting sustainable operations throughout the business within the CSR Process in order to encourage the sustainable development of Grupo Sancor Seguros and the communities where it is present.

08 Oct 2012

Present at the International Summit of Cooperatives

In the International Year of Co-operatives declared by the United Nations, important people and officials related to co-operativism and mutualism met in Quebec, Canada, to participate in the International Summit of Co-operatives 2012. The event was attended by Sancor Seguros President, Alfredo Panella and the company General Manager, Raúl Bessone.


08 Oct 2012

Our New Support to the Solidarity Concert Organized by Conduciendo a Conciencia Foundation

Our Group supported this solidarity concert, organized by the families and friends of the victims of Santa Fe Tragedy, with the aim of giving a message of hope, solidarity, and life, so that society commits itself to greater road safety, and protecting their own lives and their fellows’.

02 Oct 2012

Convention with Business People from Paraná State, Brazil

Within our approach of building institutional relationships in Brazil towards the opening of our Insurance Company in that country, officials of our Group participated in the XXII FACIAP Annual Convention that took place from 30th September to 2nd October.

01 Oct 2012

Present at the II Insurance Solidarity Night in Argentina

On October 1st our Group representatives in Argentina participated in the Insurance Solidarity Night, an event where 39 companies gave prizes and economic grants to promote projects of public welfare institutions. In this opportunity we were sponsors and we also helped to achieve the goal of this dinner.

01 Oct 2012

Agreement with DUPONT for Further Benefits for our Customers

Sancor Seguros has always aimed at giving the farmers the best service in order to be the leaders in agro insurance coverage.  For this reason, we have signed an agreement with DUPONT in order to offer our clients more benefits that contribute with the improvement of their production.                                                                                               

01 Oct 2012

Our Group Dressed in Pink Against Breast Cancer

The invitation from Liga Argentina de Lucha Contra el Cáncer to light the country in pink during October, has had de support of numerous institutions, and our Group, as every year, has joined this traditional inititative with the aim of adding efforts for breast cancer prevention.

29 Sep 2012

Presentation of 2011/2012 Sustainability Report

Within the 66th Sancor Seguros General Assembly we presented the new Sustainability Report covering our economic, social, and environmental performance during the 4th CSR Cycle 2011/2012.

25 Sep 2012

Attendant at IX National Insurance Forum

On 25th and 26th September the IX Edition of the National Insurance Forum took place. In this opportunity our Group participated sponsoring different conferences and through a stand among other exhibitors.

14 Aug 2012

Roads in Red Continues Raising Awareness in Different Cities

Within our “Roads in Red” National Programme of Prevention of Traffic Accidents, we have continued working on the issue of road safety through one of the principal resources - training courses to raise awaraness on the topic given by experts.

01 Dec 2012

It will now be possible to load your Curriculum Vitae and search for job vacancies for a specific region

Within the framework of internationalization our Group has been developing, we have created a new tool for recruitment in the different countries we are present. It consists of an option that enables the user to load their Curriculum Vitae, and search for job vacancies by filtering the country where they would like to work: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay or Uruguay.


14 Sep 2012

Preveniños in the Exponiño Abracadabra in Mendoza

From 14th to 16th September the 2nd Exponiño Abracadabra took place organized by Mendoza City Town Hall and Abracadabra magazine. Our company had presence with the Preveniños stand.

07 Sep 2012

Sancor Seguros: New Official Sponsor of Agentinian Football Team

Through an agreement celebrated last Friday 7th September between our company and the Argentinian Football Association (AFA), Sancor Seguros is going to sponsor the Argentinian Football Team for the next four years.

09 Sep 2012

Our Support to the Third National CSR Forum in Rosario

Last Thursday September 6th, the 3rd edition of the National CSR and Sustainability Forum “Values for a New Economy” was carried out in the Stock Market site of Rosario city. Our company participated as adherent of the meeting,

06 Sep 2012

Distance Course on Co-operativism launched by Sancor Seguros Foundation and ICES

The Instituto Cooperativo de Enseñanza Superior (ICES- Co-operative Institute of Higher Studies) has opened the registration for Distance Course on Co-operativism, under the direction of Majestry in Social Economy Entities of the National University of Rosario (UNR) with our Foundation's support. On September 6th at the Law School of UNR in Rosario city, the course opening ceremony took place. This course has the aim of training teachers on co-operative education and the creation of school co-operatives.

27 Aug 2012

Preveniños and the Roads in Red Unit in General Roca

In context of Rocaic, an exhibition event of Roca population activity, Grupo Sancor Seguros, through its local business unit, had presence with two stands dedicated to the promotion of road safety: one stand dedicated to Preveniños with games aimed at raising children’s awareness and a second stand about the Roads in Red Unit. 

26 Aug 2012

Sharing our Co-operative Experience in Brazilian Communities

 From August 26th to September 1st a group integrated by our Foundation’s manager, and three teachers from Sunchales travelled to Paraná State, Brazil, with the aim of transmitting the educational work done through School Cooperatives in Sunchales. The visited cities were: Maringá, Munhoz de Mello, Carlópolis, Imbaú, and Bom Sucesso do Sul.

21 Aug 2012

Renewing our Commitment to Road Safety

On Tuesday 21st August we presented the new Roads in Red Unit. This trailer, which belongs to Prevención National Programme of Traffic Accidents that we carry out within our Corporate Social Responsibility, was created in 2007, and today it is developing a new stage, with the same commitment but with a different design, totally renewed. It also has a new message: “in traffic, solidarity saves lives, starting by yours. Thinking of the others, you also take care about yourself”.

16 Aug 2012

Supporting Santa Fe Road Safety Programme "Growing Safely"

Last 16th August Santa Fe Road Safety Programme “Growing Safely” reached the end. This programme was developed by the city government, the Argentinian Experiment and Road Safety Centre (Cesvi), together with our Group within the frame of Corporate Social Responsibility actions. The closure ceremony took place at Union Club in Santa Fe capital.

17 Aug 2012

Participation in "Rubbish is Useful" Sustainable Programme

For the fourth running year, 13 leader companies from Zárate, Buenos Aires, including our Group, worked towards the community. In this opportunity, we took part through a programme of splitting and recycling of rubbish at the public schools of the region.

12 Aug 2012

Once Again Rewarded for our Company Reputation at Merco Ranking

Merco Ranking 2012 has been published, and this time our company has been placed at the first position in the Insurance Sector, and in the 19th position in the General Ranking within the 100 companies with best corporate reputation. We have achieved higher places than last year, consolidating our leadership not only at a turnover level, but also at a recognition level in the business sector.

31 Jul 2012

Our Support to a Road Safety Campaign in Monte Buey

Last July 31st in Monte Buey, Córdoba province, a talk on Road Safety was given by Dr. Horacio Botta Bernaus. It was organized as part of the Road Safety campaign launched by the local government.

04 Aug 2012

DALE Play -Play it - Encouraging Our Future Sales Reps

On 3rd of August, we organized a training and motivational course for those insurance professional youths who are part of our national commercial network. The event, called DALE – Developing Wings in the Company- took place at Sheraton Hotel in Córdoba City and was attended by 170 young people that work in the Group related organizations. Most of these are family-owned companies with a long history within the insurance industry.

04 Aug 2012

IDEA 50th Anniversary Golf Open Tournament - Grupo Sancor Seguros Cup

Last August 4th the Golf Open Tournament took place at Rosario Golf Club, in this opportunity, playing for Sancor Seguros Cup.

03 Aug 2012

Preveniños at the 6th Child´s Day Fair in Santa Fe

As every year on this date, Preveniños was accompanying children at the Child’s Day Fair in Santa Fe, proposing activities for a wide age range. The sixth edition of this unique event in the interior of the country took place between 3rd and 5th August at Predio Ferial Municipal in  Santa Fe.

01 Jul 2012

We have launched different health products for market niches

On July 1st we launched three new options for the our SALUD SEGURA product. They consist in coverage for specific health problems, but also including the prevention aspect of the pathologies. They are called Salud Segura Mujer, Salud Segura Hombre, and Salud Segura Corazón.

04 Jun 2012

New Call Centre Opened in Rosario to Enhance Promptness in Response

In Rosario an exclusive Call Centre was opened to quickly solve car claims, as well as to provide commercial information and respond to any other customer's enquire. The workforce is formed by telephonists, administrative workers, and experts on Road Safety (CESVI).

30 May 2012

Successful XII Congress of the Latin American Association for the Development of Agro Insurance

Between 30th  May and 2nd June the XII Congress of the Latin American Association for the Development of Agro Insurance (ALASA) took place in Quebec, Canada. The central subject this time was “Management and Integration of Agro Insurance Related Data". The organizers were ALASA jointly with Financiere Agricole Du Quebéc Développmennt Internacional. The Congress was attended by 233 participants from 20 different countries.

28 May 2012

Present at II Cooperative Summit of the Americas - Panama 2012

From May 28th to June 1st the  II Cooperative Summit of the Americas called: “Sustainable Development with Social Equity in the Cooperative Model” took place in Panama. The event was organized by ICA- Americas, and our Group made presentations of subjects related to co-operativism and the insurance industry.

16 May 2012

The first income coverage for agro was launched

We have launched Agroingreso to the market, the first multiperil coverage that offers the farmer a guarantee of the expected harvest income.  The launch took place at our Branch in Capital Federal on May 16th. 

21 May 2012

Participation in the IX Interamerican Conference on Corporate Social Responsability -CSRAméricas 2012

From May 21st to 23rd the IX Interamerican Conference on Corporate Social Responsability “CSRAméricas 2012” was carried out in Quito (Ecuador) being organized by BID/Fomin and CERES from Ecuador. Our Group was present at the panel: Challenges of Sustainability Report: The Latin American experience.

02 Mar 2012

Present at the Grape Harvest Festival

Last March 2nd our Group, jointly with Park Hyatt Hotel, newly organizad the Queen’s Serenade, one of the ceremonies carried out within the Grape Harvest Festival framework.

12 Jan 2012

Sancor Seguros adheres to the launch of the International Year of Co-operatives worldwide

The Canadian co-operative movement had the idea of inviting other countries to the simultaneous launch of the International Year of Co-operatives on January, 12th of 2012.

23 Dec 2011

A Christmas of solidarity at Garrahan Hospital

The days before Chistmas, as an action of solidarity, Gruppo Modena visited the children in the Pediatric Hospital Dr. Juan Garrahan, in Buenos Aires city.

22 Nov 2011

We are members of the UN Global Compact Board for the period 2012-2013

On 22nd of November, 2011 the local net government body for the Global Compact was renewed for the term beginning in January 2012 and finishing in December 2013.  In this context, it is relevant to remark that Sancor Seguros Group was chosen as one of the nine Board member companies.

17 Nov 2011

We were the only Argentinian enterprise invited to participate in the fifth World Forum for a Responsible Economy in Lille, France

Our Group was the only Argentinian company invited to participate in this edition of the World Forum for a Responsible Economy, headed by the President of  World Forum Lille, and the ex French minister, Philippe VASSEUR. The event took place on November,15th to 17th in Lille, north of France. 

24 Nov 2011

Work Post Simulators Implemented at Prevención ARTs CMLs

Under the continuous improvement policy which characterizes our Group, Prevención ART’s Labour Medical Centres (CMLs) have implemented Work Post Simulators, which consists in a pioneer offer in the market, whose aim is to give a tool for the injured workers to reproduce the habitual movements of their daily tasks.

15 Dec 2011

Peugeot Argentina Tennis Cup 2011 Insurer

From December 15th to 18th, the ninth edition of Peugeot Argentina Tennis Cup took place at Lawn Tennis Club in Buenos Aires.

13 Dec 2011

Fifteenth Anniversary of Labour Risks System Central Subject at the 5th edition of ConferenciART

The Labour Risks System is celebrating its 15th anniversary since it was implemented through Act # 24,557 in 1996.

25 Nov 2011

Prevención ART Opened its New Labour Medical Centre in Rosario

On November 25th our ART opened the new building of its Labour Medical Centre (CML) in Bv. Oroño 1093, Rosario.

16 Nov 2011

Present at ICA General Assembly


At ACI General Assembly, this association organized a conference about “2012 International Year of Co-operatives: Cooperative Enterprises build a better world” Along this event there were different presentations, among which was Sancor Seguros Group’s.

14 Nov 2011

Estancia Grande Sancor Seguros Polo Team was Introduced

Sancor Seguros Group has always been strongly committed to supporting sport, and nowadays, we have taken a further step in this respect. Estancia Grande Sancor Seguros Polo Team was introduced on November 14th in Algodón Mansión, Buenos Aires. This initiative was taken as part of our company’s policy of sports sponsorship.

10 Nov 2011

Sancor Seguros Group Companies Got Prestigio 2011 First Prize

On Thursday, December 10th 2011 Prestigio (Prestige) Prizes were delivered in Buenos Aires. It is relevant to mention that Sancor Seguros got the First Prize of Prestigio Productores (Prestige- Agents), since it has been the general insurance company which was voted by most of the Insurance Agents around the country within fifty companies in the insurance market.

26 Oct 2011

Sancor Seguros Group CEO Gave a Conference at ICMIF International Congress

The ICMIF (International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation) International Congress took place in October in Manchester, England, where the most worldwide important cooperative and mutual insurers met.

25 Oct 2011

New Sustainability Report was Published

Our Group has been the pioneer in Argentina in publishing a Sustainability Report following the ISO 26000 Standard – Social Responsibility Guidelines.

05 Oct 2011

Prevención ART Got a Reward in its Participation at the South American Congress of Hand Surgery


Under Prevención ART’s policy of providing the insured with innovative medical and rehabilitation services to guarantee their recovery, the company participated in the South American Congress of Hand Surgery, which took place in Buenos Aires from October 5th to 7th.

14 Oct 2011

Presence at Expo Sunchales

Our Group was present supporting Sunchales’ production and commercial sectors at the Exhibition organized by Centro Comercial, Industrial y de la Producción de Sunchales (Sunchales Commercial, Industrial and Production Centre) and the Rural Society, which took place from October 14th to 16th.

11 Oct 2011

Donation of Prevemusic buffet`s profits to public welfare entities

In relation to our Group’s commitment towards public walfare institutions, Prevemusic buffet’s profits – collected on September 17th - were donated at our new Corporate Headquarters.

11 Oct 2011

Rosario Labour Medical Centre Moves to a New Building

Following our Group and Prevención ART’s philosophy of updating our services and benefits for corporate clients and the insured with the latest advancements in the market, on October 11th Rosario Labour Medical Centre moved to a new building located in Bvd. Oroño 1093.

08 Oct 2011

Our Group, together with Fundación Conduciendo a Conciencia (Driving Consciously Foundation), continues involving youngsters through music

Just 3 weeks after successfully celebrating Prevemusic 2011 in Sunchales with the aim of instilling the importance of risk prevention in the young people (www.prevemusic.com), now our Group joins the Fundación Conduciendo a Conciencia’s initiative. On October 8th,

this foundation commemorates the fifth anniversary of Santa Fe Tragedy, a traffic accident where 9 students and a teacher died.

06 Oct 2011

Delivery of computers to the schools chosen by Prevemusic 2011 winning bands

Some days ago, the formal delivery of computers took place at the educational institutions chosen by Prevemusic 2011 winning bands.

06 Oct 2011

Preveniños at the Youth Football Tournament

From October 6th to 10th at Club Atlético Unión Sunchales, a new edition of Fiesta Nacional del Fútbol Infantil (Youth Football National Tournament) took place with the presence of 4,500 children from all over the country. Sancor Seguros Group was present through Preveniños, supporting sport and healthy entertaining, sponsoring the fair play award and providing daily games.

27 Sep 2011

Our Group participated at UNIAPAC Congress

On September, 27th to 29th UNIAPAC (International Christian Union of Business Executives) X Latin American Congress took place in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This worldwide institution has its headquarters in Belgium and presence in 36 countries, with over 50,000 associated members.

06 Sep 2011

Our Group: Casa FOA Official Sponsor

This year, our Sancor Seguros Group has been Casa FOA CMD “Design Market’s sponsor. With the aim of fostering the relation with the field of design and architecture, at the same time of raising awareness on this field’s safety, we decided to participate in one of the biggest art and design exhibitions in Buenos Aires.

17 Sep 2011

Prevemusic 2011 was a great event supported by an audience of 20,000 people

With Prevemusic 2011, music and prevention culture were a success.


14 Sep 2011

Our Group supports the new Consejo Publicitario Argentino commercial campaign revaluing teachers work

The new Consejo Publicitario Argentino campaign recognises the work of good teachers on children’s education and also on the construction of a better school for the future.

11 Sep 2011

Our Group sponsors the film "Un lugar, una voz, un futuro" ("A Place, a Voice, a Future") produced by the Education Ministry and Juan José Campanella

With our strong objective of supporting culture, art and social activities, our Group sponsors the film “Un lugar, una voz, un futuro” made by the National Education Ministry in partnership with “100 Bares” Production company, which belongs to the prestigious director Juan José Campanella.

01 Sep 2011

Our Group opened a new Office in Ushuaia

With the aim of renewing our space to give more comfort to our Insured, Insurance Agents and employees, our Group opened a new office int Ushuaia city.


31 Aug 2011

Our Foundation present in 3º Jornadas de Integración y Experiencias de Cooperativas Escolares (3rd Talks on School Cooperatives Integration and Experience) in Córdoba

Our Foundation was present on August 31st in Porteña, Córdoba province at 3º Jornadas de Integración y Experiencias de Cooperativas Escolares. This seminar was organised by the Education Ministry of this province and Instituto Nuestra Señora de Lourdes from Porteña, host of La Porteñita Ltda School Cooperative.

31 Aug 2011

Preveniños and The Champions´ Recipe

Preveniños continues growing and this year, apart from being present in important events, we have joined a great project organised by SportSalud Association. It consists of the book “La Receta de Campeones” (“The Champions' Recipe"), where Preveniños characters share, in a special edition, experience with four sportspeople who are the protagonists of this issue: Lionel Messi, Emanuel Ginóbili, Felipe Contepomi and Magui Aicega.

29 Aug 2011

Our Group got the First Prize at the National Contest of Fight against Fraud in the Insurance Market

Our Group participated in the National Contest “ Fight against Fraud in the Insurance Market ” 2011 organised by CESVI Argentina, within an International Congress about this issue.

16 Aug 2011

New Talks on Road Accident Prevention within Working Environment

Following the process of Road Accident Prevention within the working environment and Comprometerse Program (Committing ourselves Program) , the following activities have been developed in Mendoza:

Our Group accompanies the Argentine football in the Tournament Clausura 2011

From the beginning of the Clausura Tournament of the Argentine football, the Sancor Seguros Groups has been present in all the fields of the first division through a static advertising campaign.

Our Group took part in the XX Meeting of the Binational Committee of Integration `Paso de Agua Negra´

In the city of San Juan, on March 29th and 30th, the XX Meeting of the Binational Committee of Integration “Paso de Agua Negra” was held.

22 Feb 2011

Sancor Seguros Group in the Sun Festival 2011

The Sancor Seguros Group was the official sponsor of the National Sun Festival, which took place from February 22nd to 26th in San Juan.

Highlighting our interest in School Cooperativism

Continuing with the promotional activity of School Cooperativism carried out by our Foundation, interesting achievements are added as the project guidelines are known.

Our Foundation accompanied the Delegation of the Andalusian School of Social Economy to its visit to Sunchales

From March 28th to April 7th, the Sancor Seguros Group Foundation received a delegation of teachers connected to the Foundation of the Andalusian School of Social Economy (FEAES, by its Spanish acronym), entity with which the Foundation of our Group signed a framework agreement on October 12th, 2010.

No. 1, the new communication campaign of ART Prevention

Our Occupational Hazard Insurance Company has launched a new communication campaign called "No. 1," that is already effective in different national and regional mass media.

Our company, Official Insurance Company of Agroactiva once more

From today and up to June 12th, AgroActive will be carried out in the establishment “El Laurel”, Provincial Route 26, km 91, between Carcarañá and Casilda, Santa Fe.

Our Sancor Seguros Group enters as a member company of the Argentine Business Board for the Sustainable Development (CEADS, by its Spanish acronym)

Recently our Sancor Seguros Group was accepted, as a member company to an important business organization which leads issues of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in our country.

Our Foundation continues promoting the incorporation of School Cooperatives, this time, in Río Negro and Neuquén

During last week, the President of our Foundation, Ulises Mendoza, visited Río Negro and Neuquén.

Our Foundation continues promoting the incorporation of new School Cooperatives, this time, in Franck

On this occasion, last April 26th in the locality of Franck, our President Raúl Colombetti, together with the President of our Foundation Ulises Mendoza, led the inauguration act of a new School Cooperative in the province of Santa Fe.

Our Group participated in the Native Culture Festival in Salta

Our Group was present, for the third year in a row, in the Native Culture Festival, event organized by the artist Jorge Rojas in Santa Victoria Este, “place” located on the Pilcomayo River in Salta, 140 km away from the city of Tartagal, in Salta.

The Sancor Seguros Group Foundation handed in copies of the special edition of Martín Fierro

Our Group, through the Sancor Seguros Group Foundation, made the donation of a special edition of the book Martín Fierro to the Public Libraries of Argentina, through the National Commission for the Protection of Public Libraries (CONABIP).

We inaugurated our New Corporate Building

On Wednesday, March 16th, our Group made its dream come true of having its own intelligent building as its Head Office, in Sunchales, where our company was born.

The visits to the Road Safety Theme Park have started

The Road Safety Theme Park inaugurated last October 5th, 2010, Day of the Road, in the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility Process of our Group, has received on Thursday, March 31st, the first visit of the 2011 cycle. There were present students of "Escuela Especial N° 2054 Alas para la Vida" of the city of Sunchales.

Brand presence in the Argentine football

Our Group is developing strategies of brand positioning in the Argentine football, through its participation in the tournament of first division of AFA through the static advertising.

Agreement with CESVI for Road Safety Education

Our Sancor Seguros Group signed an agreement with CESVI (Center of Experimentation and Road Safety) with the goal of implementing the new Program of Road Safety Education "Growing Insurances in Santa Fe" to train more than 6,500 children who go to kindergarten and primary schools.

Our Group accompanies a Golf tournament in Bariloche

Organized by the Arelauquen Golf & Country Club, the 36-hole tournament called “Copa Grupo Sancor Seguros” was carried out this weekend.

Presentation of Prevemax Plus in the entire country

Our Group launched to the market the product Prevemax Plus, an integral operation to protect the labor risks of the insured companies.

This product was recently presented in the different areas of the country, with the aim of informing the network of Insurance Brokers and Advisors about the advantages of this new development of our company.

Our Group continues accompanying the tourists on the beach

As every year, for the summer, our Group is present on the beaches of the Atlantic cost.

Sancor Seguros Group in the 38th Edition of the Santa Fe | Coronda Aquatic Marathon

Last January 30th, in Santa Fe, the 38th Edition of the Santa Fe - Coronda 2011 Marathon took place and Sancor Seguros Group was one of the main sponsors.

Sunchales | Nova Petrópolis Twinning

The cities of Sunchales (Argentina) and Nova Petrópolis (Brazil), both “National Capital of Cooperativism” localities in their respective Republics, played a leading role in their Twinning Act.

Preveniños in EduVial 2010

Under the slogan “The road safety in an interactive thematic space” from October 21st to 24th, “EduVial 2010” was carried out; it was the first fair of road education of the country. It was organized by the National Agency of Road Safety in the Fair Facility of “La Rural” of Palermo, Buenos Aires; in which more than 3,000 students were present.

Support to the development of school cooperativism in Misiones

The Foundation is working in the promotion of school cooperativism in different parts of the country.

Inauguration of our Commercial Office in San Juan

Our Group inaugurated our new office in the city of San Juan.

Prestige Award 2010

The companies of our Group again were awarded with the Insurance Prestige award.

The Sancor Seguros Group Foundation was recognized by the National Agency of Road Safety

This acknowledgment at a national level encourages us to continue with our participation in the task of designing the Road Safety policy.

The Group in the Beach Polo Grand Slam 2011 in Pinamar

From January 2nd to 8th, the XVII Grand Slam Beach Polo took place in Pinamar, where the distinguished polo players competed for the Sancor Seguros Group award. The company was present as a sponsor of the matches, which gathered more than 2000 attendees.

Presentation of Technical and Pedagogical Foundations of the Thematic Park of Road Safety

On October 5th, 2010 our Group inaugurated the Thematic Park of Road Safety, in the framework of our process of Corporate Social Responsibility.  This space aroused with the aim of contributing to the formation of an adequate road conscience in children, starting with the training from 5 to 12 years old.

Our Group was present in the XXXVI National Apple Festival 2011

From February 9th to 14th inclusive, the National Apple Festival was carried out in the city of General Roca.

09 Apr 2011

Our Group accompanies the Golf in Bariloche

Organized by the “Arelauquen Golf And Country Club” the tournament called “Sancor Seguros Group Cup” at 36 holes was carried out this weekend.

11 Apr 2011

Agreement with CESVI for Road Education

Our Sancor Seguros Group signed an agreement with CESVI, Center of Experimentation and Road Safety, with the goal of implementing the new Program of Road Education "Growing Insurances in Santa Fe" through which more than 6,500 children who go to kindergarten and primary schools will be trained.

24 Mar 2011

Once more official insurers in FISA 2011

Last year, the Bahía Blanca Business Unit signed an agreement with the Corporation of Business, Industry and Services of Bahía Blanca, through which the Sancor Seguros Group became the official insurer of the Fair of Production, Work, Business and Services of the Argentine South (FISA, by its Spanish acronym) for three consecutive years.

13 Oct 2010

Presentation of Martín Fierro in Mendoza

For the last several months, the Group travel across different areas of the country spreading the bilingual and illustrated edition of Martín Fierro made by Juan Arancio.

05 Oct 2010

Inauguration of the Road Safety Theme Park

The Sancor Seguros Group inaugurated the Road Safety Theme Park.

23 Jul 2010

CSR actions of our Group in Bahía Blanca

The importance of such manual lies in being the material arranged by the Road Safety Office of the Municipality of Bahía Blanca for the inhabitants of the City to use when they have to sit for the theory test in order to obtain the driver’s license.

01 Dec 2008

International Cooperative Exchange

The Sancor Seguros Group Foundation is carrying out three important projects: the ICES, the Promotion of School Cooperativism and the International Cooperative Exchange.